Our Mission

We want to assist young artists with talent to realise their dreams and ideals in following careers as musicians. We encourage young artists to learn to write their own lyrics, to perform more of their "own" work, and not only singing and recording "covers". This is unfortunately hard work, implicating long hours and practicing until late at night. Therefore they are pressured to practice many hours, as no artist can step on stage or into a recording studio and just start singing. Some can not endure and persevere and falls behind. There are, however, those who are willing to work hard for their careers, and we do our best to encourage them with advice and guidance and also to rub and smooth where necessary for an improved image and self image.

We also try to provide introduction and exposure to the public, by arranging preview performances for already well-known artists. This experience enhances a better stage image and improves the young artists ability to be at ease with the audience. Young artists are also employed for fundraising projects mostly aimed at assisting charities and for various product promotions at, for example, shopping centres.

A variety of packages can be provided to prospective young artists, who are willing to put in the required hours, in assiting them to record their debut CD. New back tracks can also be prepared for artists for live recordings by our studio musicians, which can then be mixed and processed.

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