Danie Jansen

My God-given singing talent takes me back to 1971 when I started a band in Brits, then, still a very small town.

My first album, with the title song, "Twintig Goue Jare", came to  light in 1983. In 1984 Silent Partners, a "Country Duet" with Karin Cowley, reached number 2 on "The Highveld Country Hit Parade" and stayed on the parade for twenty weeks. The group "Klawerjas", of which I was the founding member, with the hit "Potjiekos Treffers", was a great success in 1986. In that same year I joined the SAP Dance Band.

A second "Klawerjas" album (Madelein/Hoeka Tjoeka) did well in 1988. In the mean time I traveled all over the country  with performances and also did a variety of concert tours at the South-West border and for the Army Troops.

In 1988 I  performed six times in the country program "Sing Country" that was broadcasted on TV.

I preformed with, amongst others, Bles Bridges, André Schwartz, Steve Hofmeyr, Ken Mullen and Lance James. My solo album in 1991 "Iemand soos Jy" was received favourably and with the release of "Daarom is dit Mooi" with "Goeiemôre" in 1994, I became a familiar voice when the song was braodcasted for six weeks, each morning, on Jacaranda!

Also "Hello Lollipop" in 1996 did very well. "Hemelblou" and "Rose Rooi" were released in 1997 and these songs took me twice in the same year to Belgium, where I performed in concerts and TV performances with Paul Severs (the lyricist of "Ek is verlief op Jou"). There I also met with the beautiful and talented Dana Winner!

My biggest success so far was "Sewe Reënboë" released in 1998. In 2000  "Vir Jou" followed and in 2005 the double album, with some of the best Elvis songs, was received with great enthusiasm by the public.

Now, at the age of 57 years, I want to restitute to my Creator, all the talent and the appreciation which I am able to, and, I hope that with the Gospel CD not only God will be glorified, but also that the listeners will realise how unbelievable privileged we are to know Him and to be able to rely on Him on our path through life!

A word of sincere thanks to Chris and Christa Barnard for their continued trust in me  thank you!

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